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-- Brand Profile --

Riceel 's Brand in the Introduction

Riceel Beauty Inc. was founded in New York, USA, and its R&D center is located in the Netherlands, a building with a strong Art Deco style. In 2015, the brand's marketing, marketing and commercial departments were also located here.

In order to expand the company's existing research capabilities and further practice the brand concept, we tailor related products according to the needs of different skin types. Committed to exploring the difference caused by the reaction of external factors to human skin irritation, after strict product testing, and then through the special refinement of multiple precision fractionation technology to pure, only to meet the needs of all women skin care, let them always keep young and beautiful.

In terms of colour makeup, not only to meet the needs of colour makeup division, but also to meet the love of beauty all over the world women's demand for cosmetics, skin care products, with our every beauty makeup product besides must add chemical reagent, the rest of the materials are for the derive from the nature of natural material, ratio of patents, new extraction technology, safety without stimulation, zero irritation. We have a professional color control team for different skin tones, so that the color is more reliable and the makeup effect is more natural and comfortable.

We want to leave a positive mark on the world.

-- Riceel· Brand Story --

Riceel 's Brand Story

Dozens of artisans in this brand and its subsidiaries carry on the credo of Rembrandt, the greatest Painter of 16th century Holland: delving into the direction of light and shade, all of them abandoning the illusion of whitepainting and revealing the essence of human beauty.

The Dutch artist uses color and dreamy imagination to create a magical world where nature and animals coexist in harmony. Past travels, people I met and local traditions provide endless inspiration for her creation.

Handed down in the process of creating excellent craftsmen, knowing the intricacies of between natural and light, through the artist to the person's keen intuition and display means, gorgeous glaze under artisans will natural light and shadow, and classic aesthetics, modern science and technology, through the natural active ingredients, mix out wonderful combination of permeated with romantic breath. In Dutch, Riceel means "

Seek in nature, for beauty is in the details.

— Riceel·Brand Culture —

Riceel (idea, values, mission and vision)

Idea: Restore beauty itself
Values: Not everything is expensive, but beauty must be expensive
The values ​​are expressed in detail: to inspire everyone’s pursuit of beauty, as long as we have the opportunity, we will definitely convey the power of beauty to each other, whether it is a woman who yearns for a gorgeous life or a woman who thinks she has no charm, Riceel will treat the warmest affection of human nature. The most sincere love and the best hope are ignited one by one! Highlight the beautiful life of every woman. Only by being aware of the problem, can life be turned into an art.
The quality of each product is guaranteed to get the effect of word of mouth, and gradually grow into the leading brand in the industry.
Mission and vision: to bring special feelings to different people at different times, occasions and emotions.
— Riceel· Brand Features —

Riceel’s Brand Speciality

1: Groundbreaking product replenishment plan
Adhering to the essence of the brand that is safe, effective and pleasant, and only uses active ingredients
2: Reject chemical addition that is harmful to the human body
95%+ renewable or natural ingredients
–95%+ Biodegradable formula

— Riceel· Brand Meaning —

Riceel’s Brand Meaning

"Formula" is inspired by Rembrandt's world of light and shadow, and conceives wild and luxuriant natural colors. Plants are full of vitality and burst out bright colors. The formula allows the skin to produce a transparent texture that is completely integrated into the skin itself, which solves the problem fundamentally.
The designer team has created a new artistic style for communication vision.
— Riceel· Brand Proposition —

Riceel’s Brand Proposition

With the explosive growth of digital and social networks on a global scale, the ever-changing lifestyle has witnessed the emergence of a new era. An era of "social beauty": social, interconnected, and shared.
Riceel adheres to the brand philosophy of "Even in ordinary daily life, we must have a sense of ritual, and discover the true meaning of life in every little thing". Whether it's a parting kiss before going to work or the sweet "howl" of a pet in the house, Rituals hopes that people will slow down and enjoy a moment of relaxation.
In this new era, your expectations have changed dramatically: you expect to establish a more personalized relationship and continuous dialogue with us and the brand you use; you want to get personalized advice on the choice and use of products; you can directly contact the brand , Get an immersive and unique buying experience.
Beauty technology is the core highlight of the Riceel brand
— Riceel· SLOGAN —

Riceel’s SLOGAN

Finding in nature, beauty is hidden in the details.